We're Back!

Hi Walter Rescue fans,
After wrapping up our hoarding case, we took a bit of a break to regroup. But we have several exciting announcements:

Big Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that all 20 of the cats that we rescued in January have been placed! This officially concludes our Baltimore County hoarding case.

Update on Gulliver!

Great news - we've just gotten an update on Gulliver, who is now Baxter.

"It took him a couple a days to come out of hiding but once he did he was full of personality," his adopter writes. "He loves to be petted and to snuggle. He rubs his head all over our faces."

Baxter is slowly making friends with other resident cat, although he is keeping his distance from the dogs. It sounds like he's getting lots of love, and Walter Rescue couldn't be happier for him!

Almost to the end!

We are close to the end of our Baltimore hoarding case, thank goodness! Charlotte is adapting well in her new home and Josie continues to thrive.

Josie and Missouri

Look, that even rhymes, sort of. We're delighted that Justin's wonderful aunt in Missouri has agreed to give Josie a home. She lives on a lot of land, and Josie will be able to have shelter and love but also have a safe environment to prowl. We also are excited to keep her "in the family" given how long she lived with us in Baltimore. Yay for Aunt Jeanne!

Operation Winged Claudia is a Success!

For a variety of reasons, I ended up flying with Claudia on Southwest to Chicago this week. This was not only Claudia's first flight, it was my first time flying with a cat.

I was nervous. We went to Bark! to purchase a harness/leash and Stephanie lent me her soft cat carrier. The leash was necessary because the animal must come out of the carrier when going through TSA. Luckily, Claudia was such a good sport - she let me hold and walk with her through security and went back into her carrier with almost no fuss.

Updates on Cats

We wanted to share three pieces of news:

First, Claudia is going to be fostered by a family in Illinois! This will allow her to meet new people and hopefully get adopted soon.

Second, Neville has been adopted by his foster Pat and is loving life.

Walter Rescue Adoption Event

We have some exciting news: Walter Rescue will be having our first adoption event this Saturday at Bark! in Pikesville. This is a great opportunity for our cats to meet potential adopters and show off their charming personalities in a way that photographs just can't match. If you have a chance, please stop by and say hi. We know some sweet animals who would love to meet you! Here's the important info:

Claudia's New Look

Check out how great Claudia looks these days. Her eye surgery in March definitely paid off. She is prancing around the house with permanent resident Elana cat (whose tail you can see in the picture below). Despite some mean girl hissing they are getting along well overall. We appreciate everyone who contributed to Claudia's eye surgery!

Cats Up for Adoption

Hello friends,
We have had a good two weeks: we have an adoption pending on Belle and someone coming to look at Josie tomorrow. We are getting there, slowly but surely.


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