Update on Tzipora

We asked Stephanie, the newest member of the Walter Rescue board and Tzipora's foster mom, to write an update on how the skinny kitty is doing. We are trying hard to find Tzipora a home, and appreciate any leads. You can e-mail us if you are interested at walter (at) walterrescue.org

The Kitten Has Found a Home!

We are delighted that a fellow Sinai employee, Nancy, has adopted the little black kitten, now named Kiki. It was love at first sight, and we are confident that Kiki is going to be a great "little sister" to Nancy's 2-year-old tuxedo cat.

We are still looking for people interested in adopting Ashton and Tzipora. While they are not 11-week-old kittens, they likely have a good 14 years ahead of them and can't wait to shower you with love.

Tzipora Needs a Home

Good news, Walter Rescue fans: Dewey, the puppy found by Meaghan, has found a new home! We are delighted that he is loving life in Pennsylvania.

In addition to Little Black Kitten and Ashton, our wonderful foster parent Stephanie has taken in Tzipora the cat. You can see from the pictures that Tzipora is a little underweight, but still a beautiful cat. When she was found by cat rescuer Rachel, Tzipora was emaciated. She's now eating like a champ and we are delighted that Stephanie has agreed to foster her until we can find Tzipora a home.

Ashton Needs a Home

Ashton is a gray and white cat, around a year old, who was rescued in Park Heights.  He is very friendly and a great cat! He was neutered when he was found so we believe he was dumped. According to foster mom Rachel, "he was aloof at first and then one day when I put food down for him he came right up to me and started rubbing against me."

If this handsome boy is right for you, e-mail us at walter (at) walterrescue.org

Dog In Need of Home

Walter Rescue and Mid-Atlantic Bully Buddies are teaming up again to find a special dog a home.

Dewey was found by Meaghan, Walter's adopter, as apparently word is out on the street that she is awesome with animals. You can see more about Dewey here: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/17195580.


Little Black Kitten Needs a Home

We have another foster kitten who needs a loving home.

She was found during a Trap-Neuter-Release project, a little furball who was not even two pounds. She still needs to put on a little more weight before being spayed, but she is now in the mood to meet potential adopters and get out of our bathroom.

She is litter box trained, good with other cats, FIV/FLV negative and will likely be a beautiful long-haired tuxedo cats. She warms up to people quickly - she is big on purring and cuddling, and loves playing.

Minou: In Memoriam

Walter Rescue supporters may know that our wonderful cat Minou died this week, felled by cancer. But you may not know how we ended up with Minou, so I've posted this essay that I wrote a few years ago below. While I knew I would have to say good-bye to him some day, I had no idea that day would come so soon. I miss him a lot.


When trapping feral cats, it’s best to use the smelliest fish you can find.

Walter Rescue Party - A Big Success!

While I'm still waiting for a certain Walter Rescue founder to upload pictures (hint: he lives with me), I thought I'd share the great news for Walter Rescue.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we are close to raising $500 to help with Bogey, now Archie's, vet bills. Because of his amputation and follow up care, it is no surprise that Lucky Dog had a substantial vet bill, made all the more difficult by other adoptable dogs who also need surgery.  Any money raised through the end of the summer will go toward helping Lucky Dog/Archie. Even $10 can make a big difference.

Kitten Update

There's good news all around for Walter Rescue this month.

We are thrilled that Bogey's adoptive family is bringing him to our BBQ on Saturday, and that several other Lucky Dog Animal Rescue supporters will be able to attend. The money raised until Labor Day will go towards helping Lucky Dog with Bogey's medical bills.

Meet Bogie!


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