Of Cats and Babies

One of the issues that rescues face is a cat being turned over when the owner becomes pregnant. The fear is of toxoplasmosis, but as I talked to doctors that I work with it became clear that there's a lot of bad information about being pregnant and having a cat.

That's why, as a last hurrah for my work blog, I wrote a blog post about toxoplasmosis, which can be seen here and features Teresa Frost, recent adopter of Madeline the cat.

A Placement for Rue

We feel grateful that out of the 20 cats we rescued, none had to be euthanized. Unfortunately, there was one sick cat in the bunch that we've been worried about, and we are thrilled to announce that she will get a happy ending.

In the original intake, 2-year-old Rue not only had an upper respiratory infection and clumps of fur missing, but swollen lymph nodes, and she tested positive for FIV. Out of the 20, she was the only one that we thought may not recover and have to be euthanized.

Walter Rescue News

For those of you who may not know, Justin and I are moving to Chicago. Not to worry, Walter Rescue will continue. Our mission is truly to help other rescue organizations with their pets' emergency medical needs, and Stephanie, Meaghan, Justin and me (along with our many supporters) remain committed to this goal. Don't think of it as a Baltimore good-bye; think of it as going national with Walter Rescue.

This Week's Featured Cat: Huck

Huck currently adorns the Walter Rescue Facebook page, but his picture doesn't do him justice. He's a handsome black cat with some brown markings, and looks a million times better than he did a month ago - he has a flea allergy and due to the number of fleas in the house, he lost a lot of fur. Now it's grown back and he's ready to go to his new home. 

Nine Cats to Go

Ramona was adopted on Friday! We are very excited that her new adopter seems to already love her. Let's hope that it continues to go well.

An adopter also filed the paperwork for Jasmine, and we are expecting her to go to a new home this week.

Why We Spay/Neuter

Our last unfixed cat, Ramona, was spayed and vaccinated at the SPCA's clinic yesterday. Like many of the other female cats, she was in heat.

This Week's Featured Cat: Jasmine

Jasmine's littermate, Ariel, is getting adopted today! Now it's this sweet girl's turn. As you can see below, she's adorable and will grow up to be a beautiful cat.

Jasmine is spayed and UTD on vaccinations. She's having minor surgery this weekend to fix an umbilical hernia (donations appreciated!), and then will be ready to go to her new home. She loves her toy mice and running around to play, but Stephanie says that once she's tired she likes to curl up on your lap.

Looking for Fosters and Adopters!

Hello friends,

It's been an exciting two weeks for Walter Rescue. First off, a big thanks to Teresa and Tim for adopting Madeline! She's a lucky cat to be able to stay with them and on the road to a long and healthy life.

13 Cats to Go!

We are delighted that Minerva and Hermione got adopted this weekend, and that someone has filled out the adoption paperwork for little Ariel. We also have potential adopters for  Eloise the kitten and Madeline. Madeline's littermate Peeta was accepted into another rescue, and her mother Belle (age 2) is up on Petfinder today.

That leaves us with 13 cats to go!

Walter Rescue Cats on Petfinder

We're delighted that we have been approved for a PetFinder account, and some of our cats are listed. We haven't listed everyone since we're waiting for some of the troop to put on a little weight in order to catch them at their most photogenic.

Charlotte: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18416467

Gulliver: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18396960


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