13 Cats to Go!

We are delighted that Minerva and Hermione got adopted this weekend, and that someone has filled out the adoption paperwork for little Ariel. We also have potential adopters for  Eloise the kitten and Madeline. Madeline's littermate Peeta was accepted into another rescue, and her mother Belle (age 2) is up on Petfinder today.

That leaves us with 13 cats to go!

While we are thrilled with our progress over the past two weeks, we know that kittens tend to move faster than young adult or adult cats. While our remaining kitten (Jasmine) is adorable, here are some reasons to adopt an adult cat:

-Indoor cats have an average lifespan of 15 years. There's no reason to believe that one of our adult cats won't be with you for many years to come.

-Adult cats are often still interested in playing and mousing, but they require far less attention than kittens. Our adult cats aren't going to be clawing at your curtains or waking you up at 2 a.m. to play.

-You have a better sense of the personality of an adult cat. Take 5-year-old Gulliver - he loves tuna fish, a feather toy, and being scratched under the chin. He's a bit shy at first, but pretty soon starts purring away. For some people, that's more rewarding than kittens, who tend to want to play with everything/love everyone.

-You have other animals. Trust me when I say a cat like Ramona is not going to get in anybody's way, whether it's another cat, dog, or child.

-You're doing a great thing when you adopt an older cat. These guys tend to get overlooked, and are super grateful when you adopt them from a shelter or rescue.

In this particular case, we have no reason to believe that our kittens will ever remember their previous house of chaos. In comparison, our adult cats tend to be the ones who look at us gratefully when they get fed or their litter changed. All they are missing is you!