A Placement for Rue

We feel grateful that out of the 20 cats we rescued, none had to be euthanized. Unfortunately, there was one sick cat in the bunch that we've been worried about, and we are thrilled to announce that she will get a happy ending.

In the original intake, 2-year-old Rue not only had an upper respiratory infection and clumps of fur missing, but swollen lymph nodes, and she tested positive for FIV. Out of the 20, she was the only one that we thought may not recover and have to be euthanized.

After some antibiotics and eating like a champ, Rue is a new cat. We had her spayed, which means she isn't going into heat anymore. Her coat has become healthy and shiny, and she purrs whenever you give her attention or bring her food.

While we debated putting her up for adoption, her lab work indicates that her FIV is progressing, and after discussions with our veternarian we decided to request putting her into a sanctuary. We are SO pleased that The Best Little Cathouse in Pennsylvania has agreed to take her.

For those of you not familiar with The Best Little Cathouse, it's a shelter for terminally ill FIV and FLV cats. Rue is going to be able to live out her days in a warm and friendly environment. While it will be tough to say good-bye, we know that this is the right thing for her. At the moment she's in a crate in our kitchen, and I know that she will be far happier running around the cathouse.

Walter Rescue firmly believes that FIV cats should be evaluated individually. We remain focused on helping our FIV positive cat, Albus, find a permanent home at some point. Albus' lab results indicates that he is a healthy cat, and he is much more active than Rue. He also seems fine around other cats. Come meet him today!