Tom Sawyer and Luna Adopted!

We were delighted to send Luna and Tom Sawyer off to their forever home this weekend! They are lucky cats who found a great family.Their littermates, Minerva and Hermione, are still waiting for their new owner to come forward, but we are confident that they will be placed soon.

That brings us down to 16 cats. Many are now ready to go, having been spayed and vaccinated, including Neville, a 2-year-old buff tabby who is still a bit scared and skinny, and Belle, a 2-year-old silver beauty who is playful and spunky. Neville is camera shy, but here's another picture of Belle.

A Snazzy Walter Rescue T-Shirt Helps Us With Costs

Today is Spay Day for 9 of our girls and Tom Sawyer!

While we feel fortunate that the MD SPCA could get them in today for lower cost spay/neuter, we would still greatly appreciate your financial support. We also know that some of these cats will need additional medical care and medicine before they are ready to be adopted.

Donating is easy if you have a paypal account, and you can also get a Walter Rescue T-shirt for $15. Proceeds from that go towards our animals and you can show the world that you are a friend to the fuzzy creatures. Thank you for your support!

Silver Cats

Out of our group, there are three female silver cats - Belle, Madeline and Claudia - who are very distinctive looking. Belle is still nursing her two kittens, and is the mother of Madeline and Claudia. She's about two and very inquisitive, as you can see here. She is eating like it's going out of style.

At our place, Claudia's eye looks better every day, and she's jumping all over the guest room. She too is chowing down on food. It makes us feel good to know that these cats are finally getting enough food!




Hi, I'm Adorable. Adopt Me

In case you were wondering, here are all 20 of the cats, and a brief bio. More pictures to come. Ads on PetFinder to come, but if you want more details, just shoot us an e-mail at walter (

Belle, Ariel and Jasmine: Belle, a beautiful gray cat, is still nursing her little kittens, one of whom is black and other is silver. These three will be ready to be adopted in about a week or two. They are all very cute and friendly.

Ramona: the mother of Minerva, Hermione, Luna, Tom Sawyer and Sylvie, she is a beautiful silver tabby who is about four years old.

Cats Up For Adoption!

The surrender of the cats to Walter Rescue went incredibly well on Saturday. We were able to accept 20 of the cats, and several can be adopted by this weekend. While many are underweight and need some TLC, the health was much better overall than expected. Out of the 20, more than half are a year or younger, and we have high hopes they'll move quickly.

Walter Rescue Picking Up 25 Cats

It's the phone call no rescue wants to get: "I have 25 cats and I'm about to be evicted."

Walter Rescue has spent the past day evaluating how we can best help these cats and kittens. We've ultimately decided to go in Saturday and take them all out before they lose their home.

Updates on Cats

Greetings fans of Walter Rescue!

I apologize for not posting more this fall and winter, but a bad cat bite on my hand last month (I'm fine now) set me back a bit. I am very pleased to provide updates on our cats!

Zippy will go to her new home on Tuesday! The adoption paperwork has been signed. Luckily the woman who is adopting Zippy works at Sinai and is very excited to have her. Zippy has waited a long time to get out of our house and will be relieved to live in a place where our big mean grey tabby isn't stalking her.


We're delighted that Buffy, now Murphy, has been adopted by a wonderful couple in Annapolis! Thanks to everyone who helped this poor abandoned kitten, especially coworker Sandy for rescuing him from a busy parking lot at Sinai. Murphy joins an older cat named Tigger in his new home, and is going to have a fantastic life.

Buff the Tabby Up for Adoption

Well, that's embarassing. It turns out that Buffy is actually a male cat. Let's hope I didn't give him a complex. He is now "Buff."

Good news came from the vet today: Buff is around 10 months old, FIV/FLV negative and now UTD on his vaccinations. Since he was not microchipped and no one has come forward to claim him this week, he's officially available for adoption. He continues to love people and life, and seems fine with our other cats, although he's a little intimated by our male cats who are twice his size.

Kitten Who Needs a Home

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of us finding Walter at Sinai Hospital. So it seems appropriate that the day ended yesterday with one of my coworkers running in and saying "Help! We found this cat in the K Lot."

Assuming that no one come forward to claim the cat (while we have her information posted with local shelters, we suspect that she was dumped), Buffy needs a home. She is an excellent kitten, well socialized, and in general good health, although she is a little skinny. She appears to have been spayed, and clearly loves people.


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