Hi, I'm Adorable. Adopt Me

In case you were wondering, here are all 20 of the cats, and a brief bio. More pictures to come. Ads on PetFinder to come, but if you want more details, just shoot us an e-mail at walter (walterrescue.org)

Belle, Ariel and Jasmine: Belle, a beautiful gray cat, is still nursing her little kittens, one of whom is black and other is silver. These three will be ready to be adopted in about a week or two. They are all very cute and friendly.

Ramona: the mother of Minerva, Hermione, Luna, Tom Sawyer and Sylvie, she is a beautiful silver tabby who is about four years old.

Minerva, Hermione, Luna, Tom Sawyer and Sylvie: The first four are silver tabbies, Sylvie is black and all are around 4 to 5 months. One of the kittens is pictured below.

Neville: He is very scared - he's a 2-year-old buff tabby who is healthy but skinny

Rue: Pretty tabby who is FIV positive, about 2 years old. She's perked up with some antiobiotics and we hope she is going to be up for adoption soon.

Albus Dumbledore: A beautiful black cat, pretty frightened, around 6, with soulful eyes. Friendly!

Gulliver: Eligible for adoption asap, he's around 5, healthy, neutered and friendly.

Charlotte: Pictured and eligible for adoption, Charlotte is around 4 and way too skinny, but SO friendly and ready to take on the world. She needs another foster placement where she can get more attention, but would be great with another cat. She is pictured below.

Peeta: We are hoping this beautiful 1-year-old male tabby will be able to make it into another rescue group, but he's very friendly, vaccinated, neutered, and rarin' to go.

Madeline: This shy girl is with a great foster - she's a gorgeous color and about a year old. She's the littermate of Peeta and Claudia

Claudia: She needs to gain weight and has an eye ulcer. She is incredibly friendly and loving, and currently very lonely. As her eye may also be a bit weird, she's currently a "special needs" cat.