Walter Rescue Picking Up 25 Cats

It's the phone call no rescue wants to get: "I have 25 cats and I'm about to be evicted."

Walter Rescue has spent the past day evaluating how we can best help these cats and kittens. We've ultimately decided to go in Saturday and take them all out before they lose their home.

We are going to do the best we can with finding foster placements and working with other rescues (including the amazing Last Chance, where Justin adopted Eli the cat in 2005. Eli has never quite understood how he set off a chain reaction) In addition to the round of antibiotics and dewormer, we know that at least 10 cats need to be spayed and vaccinated. Two of the cats have one eye, one has a partially amputated paw, and there are 8 kittens.

This is an ambitious endeavor for a small rescue, especially one who focuses more on reimbursing medical costs for other groups than foster/adoption. We greatly appreciate your financial support, as in addition to the medical costs we will need to get oodles of litter and food.

Additionally, if you are not in a position to donate money, but have extra litter, carriers, food or newspapers: we'll take those too.

Finally, if you have been thinking about fostering, now would be the time to come forward. You can email us at walter (at)

Thank you for your support!