Looking for Fosters and Adopters!

Hello friends,

It's been an exciting two weeks for Walter Rescue. First off, a big thanks to Teresa and Tim for adopting Madeline! She's a lucky cat to be able to stay with them and on the road to a long and healthy life.

Belle has new pictures, one of which is below. If you're looking for a fun and playful cat, this pretty gray lady is for you. She's also really smart - we had her in our house for a night and she learned how to open the bathroom door, resulting in a jailbreak to the basement. Belle went back with minimal fuss. Gulliver got cornered, got scared and chomped down on Justin's hand. Both parties are fine, as Gulliver apologized to Justin through purring and Justin got some antibiotics. Let this be a lesson on why one always wears gloves when cornering cats.

Charlotte and Neville are also doing well, both are putting on weight and having fun in their foster's house.

While we are delighted to be making progress on moving the cats to forever homes, we definitely can use more adopters and fosters. It's not ideal for cats to be living with so many other cats, and we know there are loving people out there who need a furry friend in their lives. As a reminder, here are the current Petfinder ads for the cats ready to go.