Cats Up for Adoption

Hello friends,
We have had a good two weeks: we have an adoption pending on Belle and someone coming to look at Josie tomorrow. We are getting there, slowly but surely.

We wanted to share three cats from our friend Donna Ness, who has been a great support to Walter Rescue. As you'll see, these are great cats who have been through a tough time, and we'd love to see some adopters come forward. Please note these cats are available for adoption through the Feline Rescue Association, who you can reach through (or you can email us at walter (at) and we'll connect you.

Glorie is an elegant and beautiful, almost all black 1-year-old female. She has magnificent dark orange eyes. Glorie was originally found by a caretaker at a feral colony where she was dumped. She was tiny back then and was quickly adopted by a couple along with two other kittens including Blaze. Unfortunately, that couple decided to give Glorie and Blaze back due to domestic problems they were having. This was very upsetting to Glorie. However, with love and attention, Glorie came around to her normal loving personality. She loves to be around people, loves to play and likes other cats. She will practically turn somersaults when her foster mom approaches her to give her belly rubs and ear scratches.
Glorie's loving and playful personality is a statement to her trust of people even after what she has been through, and to her resilience. She can be a bit shy when first brought into a new home until she settles in. But once she has the forever safe home she is looking for she quickly returns to her sweet loving personality. Glorie likes other cats and since she and Blaze grew up together it would be great if she and Blaze could go to their forever home together.

Blaze is a gorgeous black and white female. She was adopted when she was very young along with Blaze and Sage, by a young couple. However when that couple started having domestic issues, Blaze and Glorie were the first to be put out. A short time later, Sage was also "returned" to find a new home. This was all very upsetting to Blaze but with love and attention it took her almost no time to return to her loving sweet personality. Blaze loves other cats, especially Glorie, so it would be great fi they could be adopted together. Glorie is very curious and loves to play and explore. Glorie is a wonderful love bug and loves to be held and gently scratched. She is about 1 year old and her huge lovely eyes express her sweetness and her curious nature.

Sage is a magnificent red tabby male about 1 year old. He was adopted with Blaze and Glorie and had never known any other home. However, when the couple that adopted him started having domestic problems, they gave back Blaze and Glorie and Sage was left on his own for a long stretch. He was very sad until the couple decided to give him up as well. Despite the trauma he suffered he quickly acclimated to his foster home and the other cats around him. He is as loving as he is big and he is equally as gentle with people and other cats. Sage loves to play and lounge in the sun, and loves to be fed treats. He will make a wonderful companion.