Operation Winged Claudia is a Success!

For a variety of reasons, I ended up flying with Claudia on Southwest to Chicago this week. This was not only Claudia's first flight, it was my first time flying with a cat.

I was nervous. We went to Bark! to purchase a harness/leash and Stephanie lent me her soft cat carrier. The leash was necessary because the animal must come out of the carrier when going through TSA. Luckily, Claudia was such a good sport - she let me hold and walk with her through security and went back into her carrier with almost no fuss.

Then came the turbulent plane ride. I was nervous she'd cry, but she didn't utter a peep! This is probably because she was terrified, but I was relieved. When we got off the plane, the flight attendant said "We were looking for a kitty cat!" which I think is a high compliment to how quiet Claudia was.

When she went to her her new foster family, she adjusted immediately! There are two young girls who already love her, and there will be lots of birds for her to look at. We couldn't ask for a better placement for her. While she is still up for adoption in Illinois, we suspect she may worm her way into the hearts of her foster family and get to stick around. :) Keep your fingers crossed.