Almost to the end!

We are close to the end of our Baltimore hoarding case, thank goodness! Charlotte is adapting well in her new home and Josie continues to thrive.

Albus, like Rue, will go to the Best Little Cathouse ( this weekend. While he was originally in better medical shape than she was, he developed an allergy that caused him to lose fur. He also has had trouble recuperating from a bacterial infection on his skin. These factors, combined with his age and FIV+ status, means we had not had a SINGLE person interested in adopting him in the six months he was with Elizabeth and Justin in foster care. He's been pretty lonely, and it became a choice of letting him continue to be isolated from other cats in a strange environment (i.e. new house in Chicago) versus living out his days at the Cathouse. While there are often no easy answers for cats like Rue and Albus, we remain grateful to the team at the Cathouse for giving rescues like us an option that stresses quality of life for FIV/FLV cats.

We'll post a full update once we're officially done on paper. In the meantime, if you've adopted an animal through us, please send updates! We love "Happy Tales!"