Big Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that all 20 of the cats that we rescued in January have been placed! This officially concludes our Baltimore County hoarding case.

While we will be sending out a letter to our donors soon, we wanted to let you know now that we could not have done it without you, whether it was giving us food, money, fostering, buying a T-shirt, lending us carriers, coming to our February fundraiser or providing moral support. A special thank-you to LifeBridge Health Marketing Department employees and West County library staff, who were a huge help to Stephanie and Elizabeth with these cats.

Here are some fun facts for those of you who had been following this 6-month journey:
-Kittens Luna and Tom Sawyer were adopted together in January by a great family, and are now Tova and Benjy.
-Kittens Hermione and Minerva were adopted together in January by a woman who works with Stephanie, and are now Ruby Tuesday and Mini-Cooper
-5 of the 20 cats (Sylvester, Jack, Snowball, Huck and Belle) were placed and adopted out via other rescue groups, while Albus and Rue went to the Best Little Cathouse in Pennsylvania.
-Madeline was adopted by a wonderful family in Halethorpe in January, and that same family adopted Charlotte this month!
-Ramona, now Joy, was adopted by a woman in Aberdeen.
-Claudia flew to Chicago to find her forever family in Glen Ellyn, IL in May.
-Ariel was adopted by a young couple in Timonium.
-Jasmine was adopted by a couple in Baltimore, and the woman works at Sinai Hospital!
-Gulliver was adopted by a couple who live in Nottingham in June, where he is making friends with the two dogs and a cat. He is now called Baxter.
-Neville was adopted by his foster mother.
-Amanda, then Eloise, now Cookie, was adopted by her foster mother's mother and lives in Virginia.

While Josie was not part of the case, she is doing GREAT in her new home with Justin's aunt in Missouri.

If you've adopted from us, we LOVE to get updates. And if you're donated money, please know that every cent was used to get these cats healthy and adoptable. Because of you, we were able to find them homes. You are truly life-savers!

While this case is over, Walter Rescue remains committed to helping other rescue organizations and providing spay/neuter support. We will announce our next project this fall.

Once again, on behalf of Justin, Meaghan, Stephanie and myself, thank you!