We're Back!

Hi Walter Rescue fans,
After wrapping up our hoarding case, we took a bit of a break to regroup. But we have several exciting announcements:

1) Stephanie took in a beautiful 1-year-old cat who turned up following Hurricane Irene. We believe she was left behind. Luckily, Walter Rescue got her spayed and vetted, and she was adopted quickly by the wonderful Amy. You can see the two of them are a great match!
2) A new foster, Lisa, has agreed to take in a young kitten who was dumped in Hampden. Once she's spayed, we'll be posting her and hopefully get her a home quickly.
3) Meaghan, owner of Walter, saved Carl the pit bull from death row and is fostering him in Baltimore. You can see pictures and learn more about Carl at Meaghan's website http://chooseyourjourney.wordpress.com/.

We're going to be sending out a newsletter next month recapping our amazing year. Thanks to everyone for your support!