Holiday Recap, Part 2: Feline Navidad

The Feline Rescue Association does great work: They've adopted out close to 2,000 cats since 2007. They often take hard cases, including cats with severe injuries or older cats with no where else to turn.

Unfortunately, after a huge kitten season, FRA found themselves with a lot of vet bills. During the summer they had around 200 cats in 50 foster homes. Remember that part of the responsibility of good animal rescues like FRA is to make sure the animal is spayed/neutered, vaccinated and in good health by the time he/she is adopted. Other costs at a vet can include medication, injection of fluids to treat dehydration or an X-ray to diagnose an injury. None of that is cheap.

Helping groups like FRA with their bills, to let them focus on saving animals, is one of the reasons Walter Rescue exists. While we couldn't cover all expenses, we were able to contribute $400 to pay down part of an FRA vet bill. We're pleased to make this announcement around the holiday season. Your support allows us to focus on helping groups keep up the good fight, and to let vet practices know their services will be compensated.