Meet Nora and Her Kittens!

It's been a busy spring and summer at Walter Rescue. After Coraline was placed with a wonderful adopter, we worked with a family who had found a black cat in their yard. Black kitty, unfortunately, had come to the end of the her journey, as tests revealed she was not only geriatric, but had kidney failure and numerous other problems. The tough part of rescue is when you have to make the decision to euthanize, but we take comfort in knowing that Stephanie and Teresa worked hard to make black cat's last days filled with love, kindness and dignity.

On a happier note, Stephanie rescued a mama cat named Nora, who has two little kittens named Lyra (from the Golden Compass) and Clementine (from the song). They were pulled from BARCs, which is, as always, overwhelmed with cats. While everyone has been fighting a cold (and of course a lack of power), the kittens are thriving. You can see lots of pictures on our Facebook page, but below is a winner.

Nora and her kittens will be up for adoption when they are about 8 weeks old and spayed, so look for them to be ready in mid-August. Nora is only about a year or two herself, so we're optimistic that all three of them will find homes soon.

Meanwhile, we could really use some more fosters. Email us at walter (at) if you are interested.