Adopt Matilda Cat!

Kitten Katya will be adopted by foster parent Lisa, who couldn't bear to give her up. But never fear, kitten fans.

Meet Matilda!

She was rescued from the same neck of the woods as Wemberly, and went in to be spayed at the MD SPCA clinic yesterday. She had a dramatic morning in which she escaped from her carrier, but is now all vetted up and ready to be adopted or fostered. She's temporarily being fostered by Stephanie the wonder-board member, but we are concerned Matilda may make a run for it during some upcoming home improvement projects. (As a side note, we receive almost-daily phone calls from people asking if we can handle stray dogs or cats, and turn almost all of them away due to our limited amount of fosters.)*

Matilda is, in the words of Stephanie, "so grateful for any scrap of attention that is thrown her way. As soon as I walk in the room she starts purring and rubbing my legs." With a little bit of TLC and some food (she's a bit on the scrawny side), she will grow up to be a beautiful cat! You can see her ad on Petfinder at

Email walter (at) to learn more! And as always, if you can't adopt, we always appreciate donations or buying a Walter Rescue T-shirt!

*Being a foster can mean holding onto the cat or dog for days to weeks (and rarely, months). We provide all vet care and marketing of the animal; you provide the food, litter/walks and love. Being a foster is great for people who love animals but travel often; those who can't commit to another full-time dog/cat, or simply want to save an animal's life.