Molly the Pit Bull

It's been a busy month for Walter and Walter Rescue. Thanks to Meaghan and Sarah, we held a successful Valentine's Day fundraiser that featured Walter dressed up in red and pink gear (including painted toenails!).

The beneficiary of Walter Rescue this month was Molly, a pit bull rescued by Mid-Atlantic Bully Buddies. Two days after this six-month-old dog was pulled from a shelter, she was rushed to the vet for emergency surgery. It turned out she had a prolapsed rectum, which is about as gross and painful as you might imagine. Luckily, thanks to the staff at Mountainside Veterinary Hospital, Molly pulled through. But she had a hefty vet bill, and Walter Rescue wanted to help, especially since MABR was so helpful to us when we first found Walter.

Through the generosity of our donors this month,we were able to make a big dent in Molly's bill. Molly is now adopted and in good health, and we are sure she is grateful to everyone rooting for her.

Meanwhile, Walter Rescue now has T-shirts available! Click on the link above to order yours today.

We plan to have a Walter Rescue BBQ in the summer and another featured dog. Stay tuned!